Rules & Regulations

The following are the rules and regulations for Sandy Pointe Lake and the common areas. Please make sure you and your guests understand these rules before using the lake and other Sandy Pointe property.

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Fish at Sandy Pointe

White Perch

  • Invasive species
  • Remove from lake
  • Edible

White Bass (top)

  • Catch and release
  • Dark even lines on upper body
  • Hard to tell differance from
    White Perch (bottom)


  • Catch and release
  • Grows to 8-15 LBs.
  • Stocked in lake
  • Dark uneven lines on upper body

Large Wiper

  • Catch and release
  • Stocked in lake
  • Recreational fishing

Tiger Musky

  • Catch and release
  • Stocked in lake
  • Controls White Perch and
    Shad population
  • Handle with great care
  • If caught don't remove from water

Large Tiger Musky